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Saturday, October 07, 2006

NYC Steakhouse

In my quest to find fine dining across the world, I submit my first installment: New York City Steakhouses.

Whenever I read about a cool restaurant in the newspaper [usually USA Today] or see it on TV [usually on the Travel Channel] I make a note in case I'm ever in that area.

I saw a TV special on steakhouses that mentioned the venerable NYC steakhouse
Peter Luger. Unfortunately, this is not the place one would breeze in to have lunch or dinner. Or call ahead and breeze in with a reservation. Come to find out you need a reservation quite a while in advance [they suggested a week when I tried in early October 2006 so you can imagine the wait during busy summer months.]

Instead, my cousin Mark and I enjoyed
The Old Homestead Steakhouse in the meat packing district. They claim to be the oldest steakhouse in NYC. I just might have eaten the most delicious steak of my life, their signature Gotham Rib Steak. So take that, Peter Luger.


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