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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

21st Century Shopping

It's a yearly ritual here in upstate South Carolina. Upon threat of snow or ice, Greenvillians rush to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk.

Me, I need milk and frozen dinners since I refuse to cook [Organic Classics are delish.]

We have this cool new grocery store called Bloom. Why would I write about such a thing? Because Bloom is a store for the 21st century!

Don't you hate to wander around a grocery store looking for stuff? Bloom has little touch screens all over the place which will show you a map of stuff. You can scan your items as you shop with a little hand held device, keep track of the total, and instantly check out instead of waiting for the cashier to scan your items. They're open 24 hours [why the heck does Publix close at 10pm???] You can even create a shopping list online and print it out at the store! Too bad I only grocery shop upon threat of snow.

Best of all, there's a big silver robot in the parking lot to help you park and carry your groceries [I made that up.]

I sure hope it snows tomorrow.


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