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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's It Like To Be On American Idol Part 2

The guy's performance night was a blast to attend. I love hearing good singers and I enjoyed every minute of the show. It's quite intimate - there are only about 100 seats [this will grow larger when it gets down to the top 12.]

I wasn't too thrilled with Chris's MuteMath song choice the previous week. Nothing against MuteMath, but the judges want to hear you sing, not jump around, be kewl and yelp out a rock song [Simon said of Chris's performance that he felt like he "was at some weird student gig" which then launched the whole Teletubby bru-ha-ha.] Chris dropped in the polls.

Chris brought it this week, not only with a heartwarming tribute to Sarah which brought tears to housewife eyes across the country, but with a song that showed off his voice. Simon loved it and Chris jumped back up in the polls. So Chris, please sing. You can be kewl later.

People have asked me why they sometimes see me and Sarah in the front and sometimes don't. During commercial time they switch people around. They want the friends & fam of the person singing to be visible on the front row for reaction shots.

What's hilarious is my 15 minutes of fame from my 20 seconds of face time on the show:

You wouldn't believe the people I've heard from... people from college days... high school days... you name it. The typical story is "I was watching the show and saw some guy sitting next to Chris's wife... was that Don Chapman???!?? Then they showed you again and I fell out of my chair!!"

It's fun being in a celebrity entourage. Everywhere we go Chris is recognized... mobbed even. He tried to disguise himself, but you just can't hide that head of hair. We went to Saddleback Church Sunday and Chris was swarmed for autographs and pictures. We get free food at restaurants. Now I know how Paris Hilton feels!

Me, Chris and Sarah at Saddleback Church

Here's me and Chris at a restaurant called "Hof's Hut" in Garden Grove. No, it's not David Hasselfhoff's restaurant!

Here's Blake, Chris, and me at the Hollywood Cheesecake Factory after the show. See the necklace Chris is wearing? Paula evidently has a jewelry line and gave each contestant a necklace inscribed with their initials.


  • At 10:52 AM , Blogger Will said...

    These are great, Don. Thanks for posting them!

  • At 7:54 AM , Blogger said...

    i def saw you on AI... I was one of those guys who were like "is that Don?" I still have fond memories of you helping me fulfill my BJ extension credits by my playing "low strings" :-) Good Times. (

  • At 7:20 PM , Blogger Terrie said...

    Hi, Don!

    I arrived here as a fan of Chris but am enjoying reading your blogs, too. Did the Wal*Mart effect you wrote about influence your West Coast travel itinerary?

    I was raised and resided in the Garden Grove area most of my life and still live in Orange County. I'm curious how you came to dine at the Hof's Hut right next to the Crystal Cathedral. Were you taking a mega church tour? If so, did you get to Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, where the Jesus People revival movement took root?

    Thanks for explaining how an indie band got such a lush string accompaniment. I wondered about that every time I would listen to Know. Very nice touch!


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