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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tim Light, Adam Fisher and Me on TV

Last month (November 2007) Tim Light and his wife Amber visited the USA. Tim won my 2003 worship songwriting contest with his excellent song "Our God Reigns" (you can download it at

Since then, Tim and I have become buds - I'll go over to the UK to visit, he'll come here to do concerts. Plus we usually write a song or three while he's here (this trip we wrote a new Easter ballad I'm excited about.)

A year or two ago when Tim visited, I suggested we write a Christmas worship song for churches - there aren't that many out there, and you can sing "Hark the Herald" only so many times! We wrote "I Adore You" and it's become a hit - downloaded by over 20,000 churches and sung all over the world.

CBN News wanted to do a story about it and reporter Tracy Winborn invited us up to Virginia Beach while Tim was visiting last month. Adam Fisher ( and his wife, Megan, joined the fun. We had a great time visiting colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown.

Since it was around Thanksgiving, I mentioned to Tim how grateful I was that the pilgrims left his horribly oppressive country to find religious freedom in this new land. He suggested that he record a CD of patriotic songs. (This sort of ribbing goes on continually when we're together.)

Before the taping we had the pleasure of leading worship for the CBN staff - what a nice bunch of folks. We even met Pat Robertson:

After their chapel service we toured CBN studios and had lunch at their fabulous Swann Terrace restaurant in the Founder's Inn.

After lunch, Tracy made final preparations for the shoot. Here she is talking with Tim at her desk in the newsroom. I was surprised at how high tech the place is - it's like walking into Epcot or something:

Next came makeup:

Then microphones:

Then the interview. I chose this picture in particular because Tim looks like a goon:
Here's a pic of the group. From left to right: Tracy, Adam, Megan, Tim, Amber, me.

The clip has aired on Tracy's show, Newswatch, as well as the 700 Club on Thursday, Dec. 27. Watch the clip online. It's basically about how we record music across the planet. Tim and I write a song, I record the track here, Adam plays guitar, Tim sings it in England, emails his voice to me, Adam and I mix the music, and churches across the world download it and use it in their worship services. Who needs a record label these days?


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