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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Chris Sligh Update

People often ask me about Chris Sligh and what's going on with him. Chris moved to Nashville right after the American Idol tour at the end of the summer.

At one point he had 11 record labels interested in him. Two in particular were practically fighting over him. And to think he was about ready to give up music and get a real job only a year ago!

He eventually decided on Brash Music. I really like these guys - they're ex music biz people who want to reinvent the industry. And to help them think outside the music biz box - CEO Mike McQuary (known as "McQ") was the president of MindSpring, an old Internet company that merged with Earthlink around the turn of the century.

Brash has quite a track record. They're not a Christian music company, but they're behind the mega-popular Aaron Shust, a humble worship leader from Atlanta's Perimeter Church who has taken the CCM world by storm. Out of nowhere Aaron won the Dove award (Christian Grammys) for artist of the year, songwriter of the year, and his song, "My Savior, My God" won song of the year. Something tells me the inbred Nashville CCM suits aren't too happy about that.
Brash sought Chris out and we all went to lunch one day here in Greenville. I love hearing music biz stories and they had a bunch. One familiar thread that ran through the conversation was how traditional record labels tend to flush money down toilets. I mean just burn through money like there's no tomorrow. After explaining how they're attempting to save themselves - and the artists - tons of money by actually thinking and planning, I exclaimed, "What? You're trying to apply business principals to... the music industry?" Cackles ensued.

Chris is managed by Blanton, Harrell, Cooke & Corzine - the people who virtually invented the Christian music industry some 20 years ago - the people behind Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Kathy Troccoli, Point of Grace, Aaron Shust and Bebo Norman. I think Chris is in very good hands with them.


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