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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Chris Sligh's New Recording

Finally, Chris is able to make the major label recording he's always dreamed of. He began recording in December with Grammy-winning uber producer Brown Bannister along with the finest Nashville session players. Chris is using a few songs on the new CD from his independent recording "Take a Chance On Something Beautiful." He told me that Brown liked my string arrangements and wants to use them on the new CD.

Before Christmas I visited Chris in Nashville and got to meet Brown and watch Chris record. Brown is a great guy! None of that Nashville attitude. It seems like people at the top of their game are nice, normal folks and the wannabes are often the ones with the fake smile.

We had lunch at the famous Lovelace Cafe and I enjoyed hearing Brown's stories of the early days of Christian music. I remember those days fondly. Sigh - the golden age of Christian music, when a new Amy Grant record was a major event.

Every hit song of hers would spawn new genres. When she sang "El Shaddai" suddenly everyone had a song out with some Hebrew words in it. When "Angels Watching Over Me" came out, suddenly everyone had a song about angels! And did you know Amy had planned on releasing "I Can Only Imagine," but instead let Mercy Me do it first (the song was written by Mercy Me's lead singer, Bart Millard) - graciously allowing the song to launch the band's career. I really loved it when Michael W. Smith and Amy would collaborate. He'd play on her records and they'd write songs - like "Thy Word." I told Brown I missed those days. He said he does, too!

Producer Stephen Leiweke on left, Brown on right

Along with Blanton & Harrell, Brown was around at the birth of CCM - he produced Amy's first recording and others from her heyday. Check out his wikipedia entry - the list of artists he's worked with is astounding. And now I get to work with the man who's produced music I've loved for over 20 years! Somebody pinch me. Chris Sligh is my hero LOL!

If anyone has a chance of making it in music, Chris Sligh does: great voice and songwriting talent, funny personality plus a top team of professionals behind him. The new CD should be out in the first quarter of 08 and he'll then begin a short tour.


  • At 2:11 AM , Blogger Joe Wood said...

    Don, you sound like an old coot ... reminiscing about the "good old days" of CCM. You are not old enough to do that. LOL! It is interesting that while the old stuff makes us feel comfortable, the adventure is in the new!

  • At 10:52 PM , Blogger Don Chapman said...

    I AM old! I just sleep in a cryogenic chamber that makes me appear to be 28.


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